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Thread: 425 vs 440?

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    425 vs 440?

    What are the biggest advantages with the 440 over the 425 and is it worth the price?

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    I would go with the 3PLAY 3P1 over the 3PLAY 440. It is less expensive and supports NDI input along with 1080p59.94 video formats, while offering the rest of the 440 feature set.

    To me the biggest feature of the 3P1 over the 425 are:

    - Clip list previews, this allows you to see all of your recorded angles in real-time next to each other. On the 425 to see a recorded angle, you have to load it into a output. (This is my favorite feature difference)
    - Tagging system where you can enter clip details via preset numbers. On the 425 there is manual tagging where you have to type in the information.
    - Macro system. Instant replay is an incredibly repetitive workflow and macro can be a big help, there are no macros on the 425
    - T-Bar playback, this might seem minor but it is big for some people. On the 3P1 you can just push up the t-bar to play the clip, on the 425 you have to press play first.
    - Telestrator Pro, included with 3P1 for free. There is no telestrator software included with 425.

    The 425 is a fine system, but if you can swing the 3P1, go with that hands down, it is the better system.
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    Does NewTek do trade in’s for older versions, like the 425?

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    Contact your local reseller, there is usually always a trade in path.

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisfore View Post
    Does NewTek do trade in’s for older versions, like the 425?
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