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Thread: 460 AE instantly powers off...heat related?

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    460 AE instantly powers off...heat related?

    We have recently moved a 460 AE from a master control environment into a satellite production truck. We noticed that this unit will now suddenly just power off. No error message, no lock-up, no warning, it just turns off as it you've pulled the plug. This unit never exhibited any behavior like this when it was in master control (under very climate controlled conditions), so my initial thought is that it's heat related. The satellite truck is climate controlled in both the front and rear of the rack it's installed. Before the 460, a 410 AE unit was in the truck installed in the same position operating under the same conditions, and it never had any issues.

    All the Hardware Monitor settings in the bios are set to the same on both units, all fans are set to "full", and all fans are running. Has anyone noticed one of their systems being more heat tolerant than others? That being said, or last production was on a night where the temps were in the high 40s. The rear doors just behind the rack were left open, and the ambient air temperature in the truck was 62 degrees, the top of the Tricaster case felt cool to the touch, and we still experienced one shutdown. I'll be looking today to make sure the cpu heatsink and fan are installed tightly. Has anyone ever used a "bigger" cpu fan?

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    I think you are on the right track to see if the CPU heatsink and fan are still attached. I had an 850 with a heatsink that came loose and that is exactly what it did.

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    There is also the chance that, since you are in a new, mobile environment, there is a power issue of some sort,
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    Any chance your IEC cable is not seated correctly to the back of the unit? I've seen hours and days lost to this simple problem. Systems power on fine and then power off. it ended up being that the cable was under some tension and when people moved around in the truck it was just enough to wiggle the cable and interrupt the power.

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