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Thread: Tidying up a VERY high poly, many layered model.

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    could help...

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    Quote Originally Posted by daforum View Post
    Have a look at this:

    There's a script for reducing empty layers.
    Hope it helps
    Wow. Was looking for this very thing a few months ago & never came up on the search on the LWDb.

    What I did find was ... awkward to use to be kind, but it eventually did the trick. Only had layers in the hundreds though not thousands.
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    Ah, I have to admit I missed that link the first time, thanks for the nudge!

    That looks a seriously useful collection of scripts. The layer packer had a warning, but I think it must have been updated since then, the packed version looks good, and has the exact samenumber of polygons, so I think it worked!

    And the mesh is down from 2700 layers to 116 in my first passes

    Now I can start grinding away at the 2.8 million polygons...
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