I know our NDIHX-PTZ1 camera, Skaarhoj camera controller, and laptop with Studio Monitor work perfectly on our network at our school. I've seen it. It's beautiful.

However in the football field, I want to operate and send the camera's signal (placed behind an end zone) 700 feet to where the Tricaster will be.

In testing, when I plug the camera's Ethernet out into an Ethernet to fiber converter, then run the fiber to a 2nd Ethernet to fiber converter, then plug the Ethernet cable from the 2nd Ethernet to fiber converter into the Ethernet switch that also has the camera controller and laptop with Studio Monitor connected to it, I got no picture and I can't control the camera. I reboot, reconnect, etc... but this setup isn't working.

How can I control the NDIHX-PTZ1 from a long distance? Is the Ethernet to fiber converters suspect? Are Ethernet Extenders the way to go? How can this be made to work?

Help please. Thank you.