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    I went online to download a texture. I want a brown hair texture. I made sure the texture is a jpeg image so I can open my texture in LightWave. When I move the texture to my desktop I try to see if the texture will open in Lightwave Modeler. When I open the surface editor to load my texture. I open up the Surface Editor. On the top right hand corner of the Surface Editor I change the material from Principled BSDF to Standard. Ok now on the side I have the E and T buttons enabled. I click on the T button on the first row which says Color. After I click on the T button and then I go to find the image in the texture editor. And the image which I downloaded is greyed out even though it was a jpeg image. How do I get the greyed out image to open?

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    Are you sure you have read permissions for that location?

    Are you perhaps running LW as admin, and attempting to access a network location? If so, admin-elevated apps don't have same access perms as user-level apps when it comes to network resources ("split-token issue") and that could be causing the problem.
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    I've downloaded jpeg's that won't load into photoshop. Luckily I also have Affinity Photo which loads them fine and resaved them as.jpg. My guess is you have the same thing going on. Something is up with the format.

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    @Rizwan, have you tried just dragging and dropping the image icon over Layout or Modeler to load it?

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    Check to see if it is CMYK - LW doesn't like them. Needs to be RGB.
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    I'm not sure if a jpeg image can be CMYK. I could be wrong about that though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesCurtis View Post
    I'm not sure if a jpeg image can be CMYK. I could be wrong about that though.
    It most certainly can. And LW doesn't like them.
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    A link to the texture could explain a lot.

    If the image opens in Photoshop, "export" in newer versions or "save for web" in older versions to JPG. This process can strip cruddy metadata and ensure you have a RGB image (not CMYK).
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