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Thread: Airsend Updater not working with ChyronIP

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    Airsend Updater not working with ChyronIP

    Hi all,

    I did the airsend updater on a ChyronIP I happened to inherit. They want some ungodly amount of money to have it run NDI natively, and for grins I was trying to see if the airsend updater would work. The dll's are properly replaced in the chyron folders, but does not seem to make a difference. Not showing up as an NDI source anywhere, with airchannel set as an output in the lyric software.

    Any ideas? Firewall is off. Can't see it in studio monitor even on the local computer

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    This is becoming my default answer to NDI issues and I hope everyone is not tiring of it, but make sure computers/devices running NDI do not have network set to Public, should be Private or Work for best results with NDI. Just a good first thing to check, bit me several times early on. Every time I connected/reconnected another source to network, it would be Public and NDI would not work.


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    What version Chyron/Lyric are you running? If you're running a super old version, it may not be compatible.
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