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Thread: The NewTek Critter Thread

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    The NewTek Critter Thread

    Greetings, everyone! I've just created this section for another light-hearted discussion, for us to show off our cuddly companions. A topic to lighten up the day when the going gets rough. I've already seen a cat thread in the forum before, though this one's for pets in general, for dogs, parrots, hamsters, etc. I own a little Pomeranian named Jake. He's such a playful fellow, too playful that we had to set up a few pet gates in our home, so we could limit the indoor areas that he's only allowed to run into, as he already broke a few things before and we decided it'd be best to keep him out of the said area, especially when we're not around. In spite of that, he’s fun, loving dog. He even cuddles before bedtime and greets us with his cheerful barks in the early hours. What pet/s do you own, fellas?

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