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Thread: Wanted - Introduction to Lightwave course by Splinegod Larry Schultz

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    Wanted - Introduction to Lightwave course by Splinegod Larry Schultz

    Does anyone have the marathon thirty hour course Introduction to Lightwave by Splinegod Larry Schultz ? I'll be honest and say I have asked some individual members but no one seems to know. Even if someone does a "Yes, I've got it but I'm not selling it to you" I would still be happy it is not lost to history.

    The reason I ask about this specific course is because I was recently lucky enough to obtain a Lightwave haul from Ebay Germany with LW editions going back from version 5, plus some training materials (pic !). Some of these items still look good today, and included was the full Professional Character Series by Larry Schultz (original discs personally issued), and I became much more intrigued by the past and wanting to see the Introduction to Lightwave course. I admit it is not essential per se, but I am planning to soon lock myself away from humanity for a little while and go on a Lightwave bender to crack some things, and Splinegod's material is still excellent (in my view).

    On that note, can someone clear up a little mystery for me. Who is the strange space lizard (?) sometimes seen on the old Courses pages ? Where does he feature ?

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    I appreciate there may be some other considerations here, so I would deal with payment(s) however any owner felt was the best way. Many thanks.
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    Don't have that one, I do have a lot of those books though.......
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