Hello to all!

I'm having this situation. I'm using the NC1 I/O to convert the Panasonic AK-UB300 4K Camera Quad Link output to NDI in 4K 60p. I have a Mac Pro computer and some PCs and I can watch the 4K 60P NDI signal on the mac, but not on the PCs. One of my PCs has an Intel i7 processor with an NVidia GeForce, and it does not open the 4K signal too.

The question is: Do I need a more powerful PC? Or there is something wrong with the NDI Tools 3.6 and 4K 60p? Or is the NC1 I/O encoding in an incompatible way?

I need to clarify this, since I'm considering distributing that 4K signal to some monitors using NDI. Any recommendations?

Thank you all in advance,