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Thread: LiveText Datalink Fields Splitting into 2 Fields

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    LiveText Datalink Fields Splitting into 2 Fields

    I use Datalink keys with integrated LiveText to pull scorebug data from an All Sport CG and I've recently run into a strange issue. I'll have a textbox in place for something like the home team's score and I'll enter %CGDakHomeScore% in the box so when I use the graphic in the TC session it will already be populated, but sometimes when I load the saved .CGXML file, the Datalink key will split into two text boxes, with one being something like "%CGDakH" and the other one being "omeScore%". This makes changing scorebugs & stats graphics a pain because it doesn't allow me to make a template and just swap the graphic for different opponents, as I have to leave number placeholders when exporting the pages and then manually re-enter every Datalink field in the Tricaster session. Has anyone seen this issue before? If my explanation doesn't make sense I can grab some screenshots in the next few days

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    Here's my best guess based on weather graphics that I've set up for the high school students I work with everyday. Place your team logos in the D drive. Have the scale, size and location already set up in the PNG files.

    Duplicate just one of the files and name it "teamname_replaceable.png" Put that image file into your LiveText template. Save the template, send to the TriCaster. Then exit LiveText. In TriCaster load the new version of the template. Edit the text fields. On the image you intend to change right-click, select Properties. In Properties change the Image Path to %sheet_teamnamehere.png%

    In my .csv files the path to my weather graphics is "D:\WeatherBug\Rainy.png" for instance.

    This would be how I do it with .csv files for weather graphics. See if some version of this won't work for you.


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