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    Sunsky Issue

    Hello all:

    I am working on an image and I have I problem that I can't figure out. May be you know.

    Please see the attached images.

    There is only one light in the scene, a SK Sun Light acting as the sun (I've called the light new sun). I've set it up as manual, so I can move the light to different positions and the light colour changes accordingly. So far so good.

    I am trying to recreate an early morning scene, with a very low sun. I've added a Textured Environment with the Sunsky procedural, so that the sun is visible in the sky and there is some sort of halo around it.

    The issue is that the position of the SK Sun Light doesn't match the position of the sun disk that shows up in the sky. However, they are linked, If I move the light the disk moves accordingly. You can see in the test render that the shadow of the bowl on the table doesn't match the position of the sun disk in the sky. In one of the images attached, the orange dotted line shows the location of the light in regard to the house and the camera.

    How do I sort this out?. I've looked in the options for both the textured environment and the light, but I am clueless.

    As a side note, you may wonder why the balustrade is not casting shadows on the floors, as it happens my nodal set up for the floor texture is causing the shadows not to show up, I am working this.

    The hills are actual (simple) geometry stretching 2km from the house, so the house is tiny when compared with the terrain model. I've got low poly trees all over the hills, but they are switched off of this test render as they significantly increase my render times. Fog is on and causes the nice shift in colour from green to grey in the faraway hills.

    Any tips on how to improve the "environment" to create a morning sky effect would be appreciated. I'd like so render the clouds, but I am pushing my laptop to the limit and for what I've seen in the forums creating good clouds is quite a subject in itself and I just need to finish this quickly, so I'll probably add some clouds in post. I am using LW 2015


    Click image for larger version. 

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