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Thread: TriCaster update question

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    TriCaster update question

    I have a TriCaster 8000 AE2 that was last updated a year ago. It is currently on version 170928.
    There are currently 4 updates available for my system and I plan to update to the latest.

    My question is this:
    Do I need to do each of the 4 updates sequentially to get to the latest version or can I just do the latest update (v180706)?

    Thanks in advance.
    -Terry Moore
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    No. From time to time you may find drivers missing in the updates, but not something that short.

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    You can jump right to the end. But read the forums thoroughly for version numbers and issues, first. There isn't a central location for known bugs, so you gotta do some sleuthing first. I'd say "never install an update that's less than a month old" but some of us have to bite the bullet and do it, test it, and report back.
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