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Thread: Very Limited Time Offer: LightWave 3D Add-a-Seat

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    Very Limited Time Offer: LightWave 3D Add-a-Seat

    For licensed users of any version of LightWave 3D: LightWave 3D Add-a-Seat Special Offer
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    I do hope it's a limited offer and that endless promotions don't start again.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for choosing my picture for this announcement.

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    I personally have two licenses of LW, but have only upgraded one to LW 2018. I was starting to learn Blender (for the umpteenth time --- it just doesn't stick) and 3D Studio Max (which I really have enjoyed, but the cost is prohibitive).

    But I may upgrade my second license. In the past two weeks, my internal clients have been blown away by the renders that I have done in 2018. They were okay with previous LW renders, but now they take notice. And funnily enough, I spend less time in set up and render because of 2018 (I have fully embraced the workflow). So I can iterate faster than ever. OD Tools has greatly accelerated my workflow as well.

    Do yourself a favor and embrace 2018.

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    Ah man I got all excited thinking it was going to be an upgrade promo

    I was hoping there was going to be one for Siggraph
    Kevin Washington


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