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Thread: NDI to HDMI (without a computer)

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    NDI to HDMI (without a computer)


    Anyone know of a good solution for this? I have an on-set monitor I need to feed an NDI signal from and would like to convert NDI to HDMI without the use of a computer.

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    There are a couple devices but they wont be cheap. I think the new Bird Dog Mini will decode and out put HDMI. I think there might also be a product call Switchblade.

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    There are few NDI to HDMI turnkey units out there, they are all Mini PCs with software on them.

    The BirdDog Studio or BirdDog Mini will be hardware NDI decoders, but the decode feature is not shipping on these products yet.
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    I did something very much like this using a small-form factor PC. I was tempted to try using an Intel Compute Stick, but didn't want to be dependent upon Wi-Fi, or have mess with a USB-attached Ethernet interface.

    I found this for $170:

    Mini PC - 4K Mini Fanless Desktop Computer
    Windows 10 64 Bit
    Celeron N3450 CPU up to 2.2Ghz
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    64GB Flash storage
    Intel HD Graphics @ 4K
    HDMI & VGA output
    2.4G+5.8G Dual WiFi
    1000Mbps LAN/ BT4.0

    It mounted on the back of the monitor. It delivered 1080p60 to a monitor at about 40% of CPU load. Ran reliably 24/7 for week long project I had at the time.

    Recently I tried to use it to create a remote camera using NDI Virtual Camera. It delivers 1080p30, but at 80%+ of CPU.

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    For anyone who needs NDI to HDMI for monitors, projectors etc there is now a new option available:

    This is a very lean, fast, lightweight and 100% compatible, 100% reliable monitor software designed to work on mini pcs like Beelink AP34 and N41, with Ubuntu linux.

    It offers an auto-startable, full screen HDMI output of NDI or NDI HX sources, with a remote web interface for changing the source.

    For anyone who has been trying this with Windows, and has been hit by windows updates, crashes or other quirks, running these types of appliance in Linux is much smoother ride.

    Whilst its still a computer, as such, you can make it into a pretty opaque appliance which is auto start, and completely reliable.


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