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Thread: Playing Recorded File in Premiere on Mac

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    Playing Recorded File in Premiere on Mac

    I am having a tough time with my post-production workflow. If anyone has the solution to my problem or a better way of doing things, I would greatly appreciate the advice.

    1. I record mov file on my Tricaster 860AE
    2. I transfer the file to my iMac (2017 with NewTek codecs installed)
    3. I import the file into Premiere Pro CC project

    The result is the file is seen as an audio file only. No video whatsoever.

    My solution last night was to open the file in quicktime. It was able to successfully convert the file. However, because the file was 45GB, it took an hour to complete the conversion process. I am often trying to meet a deadline and this wait time is unacceptable.

    It's been a while...but I do remember a time when mov files from the Tricaster would play nicely on the Mac platform without any conversion or rendering.

    Again, any help would be appreciated.
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    hi friend.
    what is your Tricaster version? i dont know if the codec on the recording change with the version of Tricaster but I have the same workflow than you. Tricaster >> IMAC with PRemiere CC and the files open without problem
    in premiere CS6 we have the problem that you have, our solution is convert in mpeg2 on the export tools in Tricaster

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    I've gone and tested all TriCaster recording formats with major applications (that I was able to test). Here are the results.
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    I can say that in my Final Cut Pro X in AE 2 V4, it is working fine for me but in V5, its only works with Progressive files. Not interlaced.
    On the other hand V4 does not work in Premier Pro CC, but only in Final Cut.

    I wish it could work on both platforms without any encoding.

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    I read somewhere here that Premiere was killing support for the Quicktime output format that the Tricaster 860 makes?
    I have a 860 AE version 1 and afraid if I update Premiere I will lose that workflow.....???
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    The latest Premiere update had removed Apple QuickTime support. That doesn't mean you can't play a QuickTime movie, just that 3rd party codecs are no longer supported, only the codecs that Adobe has built into the software.

    I don't recall which codec AE1 was recording in. If it is SpeedHQ it will not work, if it is XDCAM it probably does work in the latest version. If you can to create a short clip and private message it to me via a Dropbox or similar link, I could test it for you.
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