Since I have one of these for lScript, and I'm diving into python...

1) First question! Is it just me, or is there no file in the python docs for lwsdk.LWPanels? For me, it appears to be absent,
(If it's not me, I'll bug report this one.)

2) This one goes to Oliver... I've used the OD Tools AutoGui tool to create a list box panel. Should this work "Out of the box"? As in, I run it from the Python menu button, it creates a do-nothing menu. If it should, then something's not right on my end. I've tried the example from Kanuso's thread, and it does nothing as well. Zip, nada, nothing. I think I tracked down where I was getting the indent errors - It's notepad++. I have to use it's Tabs -> Spaces before loading into lightwave's console. Still nothing when entered, though.