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Thread: LightWave Eight Demo Videos- Part 2

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    LightWave Eight Demo Videos- Part 2

    Back from The break and we have two new videos for your to grab and enjoy. The expression editor video shows a quick example of creating an expression using nodes, while the Hard link Demo shows a few new features in Modeler as well as a taste of the new Scene Editor. The meat of the Hard Link demo is showing off a very powerful feature of using the new dynamics. Enjoy!

    Expression Editor :

    Hard Link/ Cloth FX:

    You will need the Techsmith Codec to view these videos.
    Codecs Page:

    PC Codec:

    Mac Codec:

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    Thanks, Proton!

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    A small glimps of Modeler...
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    Cheers Proton.

    I Love it

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    Thanks Proton. I hope your feeling better.

    Can someone please put these on a www site. It seems I can't access ftp sites from work.

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    Great videos.

    Will you be showing some dope sheet animations?

    Also I like the new layout of buttons. Especally the sets being added to bottom of screen. What is the C for? Haven't figured it out yet?


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    very cool, I noticed that volume in modeler is gone. I rarely used it, so it isn't a big deal to me.

    A dope sheet demo would be very cool too!

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    Thanks, Proton!
    The videos are really nice, could you show some new features of Rendering and Modeler... thanks

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    Very Nice!

    Thanks alot, Proton!

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    Huuuge thx Proton!!

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    More videos as well as a feature page soon to follow

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    Thanks Proton.

    Looking foward to the feature page.
    Have a Great Day

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    Here are two cool grabs from Bob Hood showing off the Expression Editor.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Anyone else note jointmorphplus in the deformation drop down? At about 4:15....
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