I've a request about a project, which would include a TC-1 running for many hours ( or even days) long.

The operator would need being able to create and import animations in buffers during live production, I guess from a file sequence with alpha layer, which would be provided during the show.

I know buffers can be shared over the network, so their content could be updated in real time, but according to the Knowledge base it only works with still images.

In ASC Manual , I could see :

Export to – compile the finished transition, and store it in the correct location for live use. Note that the optional targets for export purposes will include the host system when appropriate, along with other suitable live production suites detected on the local network (target systems must be in ‘Live’ mode).

Does it work ? Can I easily DL and install ASC on any computer connected to TC-1 over LAN ?

Many thanks !