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Thread: 30% OFF 4 - AVIPAS 20x (PTZOPTICS 20x) robotic cams with 4D IP Super Controller + POE

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    30% OFF 4 - AVIPAS 20x (PTZOPTICS 20x) robotic cams with 4D IP Super Controller + POE

    WOW!! These cost $1,650 new NOW 30% OFF only $1,150 ea

    I have 4 - AVIPAS AV-1051 PTZ robotic cameras for sale.

    They are exactly the same as PTZOptics 20x cameras.

    These are really great cameras for the money.

    These work really well with the Tricaster. They were used on 2 shows, so these are like new. No dings, scratches, perfect condition!

    They have both HD-SDI and HDMI out. They do not have NDI, but you can add a connect spark hdmi to make them NDI and wireless. (If I don't sell them, that is what I'll end up doing)

    They have IP video, and IP ptz control that works great with the Tricaster. You can save blocked shots to memory and call them up from the Tricaster or the IP Controller. PTZ control from Tricaster Control Surface as well. You can even save a macro with a moving shot, pushing in or out with the press of one button. You can also power them via POE with included Texas POE adapters.

    The IP Super Controller again is the same as PTZOptics IP Controller also with Texas POE adapter.

    They come with the original boxes they came in, with all the remote controls, rs-232 cabling, power supplies, etc.

    These retail for $1,650 ea, that is 30% OFF retail price! Now $1,150 ea. IP Super Controller 50+% off $300.00

    I'm asking $4,900.00 for 4 cameras and the IP Super Controller or best offer

    If you're interested, email me directly at [email protected]

    If you purchased the same cameras and controller from PTZOptics they would cost you:

    4 - PTZOptics 20x - $1,699 x 4 = $6,796.00

    1 - PTZOptics IP controller - $649.00

    TOTAL $7,445.00 if you purchased 4 PTZOptics cameras.

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