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Thread: NDI for light control

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    Question NDI for light control

    Given the popularity and flexibility of the NDI protocol (audio, video, alpha, control and metadata).

    Will there be any chance to include in the NDI development roadmap, support for light controllers?
    Or maybe NewTek can talk with light consoles manufacturers to support NDI ?

    Imagine a light macro or controller inside TC1, Just saying!
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    The current version of NDI allows send commands to be the device on the other end. It would be possible to do this today if the vendor added support.

    Here is an example video showing this feature working with a CG solution and TriCaster.
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    It's possible. Avolites Light Consoles have a Web API. With Tricaster you can make Macros with HTTP Requests.

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    At least one lighting software supports NDI - It's a LED mapper, so you can control your LEDs directly by mapping a NDI source.

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