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Thread: Help needed with Tree - Multitree ctl

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    Help needed with Tree - Multitree ctl

    Is there anybody out there who have a functionating python example of the tree / multitree control?

    It seems that no one of the callback functions get called by the Framework. So I don't know how to use this controls.
    Is there maybe some secret function to call or any other trick?

    And a question about Listboxes / Multilistboxes...
    How can I programmatically select a bunch of rows? All my tries Ends up with only the last of the given range is selected.
    I used the set_int() to select in a Loop... result: only the last gets selected (at least only the last Shows as selected)

    And a question about raster functions.
    Is it possible to Transfer the current pixels from a Panel to a raster? What I mean is the opposit of blitPanel which
    transferes the raster to the Panel. I need the opposit, but it seems not to be possible.

    What is the secret about the ctl.visible() method? Calling this with False works propper and the control vanishes,
    but how to make it visible again? calling with True does not work.

    And last my last question for now is... Is it possible to get the "human" readable python scripts? During develope process
    this can be a great help.

    All of These questions are coming up during the developement of a Panel designer. I am on the way to develope a
    Panel designer in which you can create python code in a "WYSIWYG" art.
    At the Moment I can save a Panel as a functionating stand alone script (you only have to fill the created functions and
    callbacks with the code you want). The optic Looks like in the designer. Or you can save a snippet which can create the
    designed controls in an existing script.
    In the LScript Interface Designer you can not create all of the controls that are possible (66 at the Moment)
    With my designer you can create all of them. The only ones who did not function are the tree and multitree controls.
    They can be created, but without any function (they look like empty listboxes)

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