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Thread: Set Content Directory

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    Wanted to bring this up again. I'm on 2019.1 right now. I started Model -- first time today. I went to Load|Set content directory, that was a new existing directory. I started modeling and about 5 minutes later started saving "Save object as" and the dialog suggested a content directory I used a couple weeks ago! Just to be sure, I fed it the new directory I had made and it was there waiting for some use. Can't believe this hasn't been fixed!
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    What's really disappointing is the apparent lack of priority towards addressing these kinds of "minor" issues. These are problems which make use daily-painful and aggravating, and together with the overall stability problems, really upset customers. Sure, all software has bugs, but that doesn't really excuse anything, and the truth is that there IS greater stability available elsewhere in 3D pkgs, and customers seem quite willing to pay more to obtain it.

    "Fixing lots of bugs" isn't meaningful if the net is that more are created than fixed. Reliable software quality comes from adopting engineering processes and metrics focused on ensuring fewer bugs are released, not on addressing more after release. The latter basically proves there isn't enough of the former.

    I had hopes Vizrt would force a greater focus on quality, we'll see.
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