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Thread: TC MINI 4SDI AE and mic level?

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    TC MINI 4SDI AE and mic level?

    My usual sound person only gets to connect one or twice a month.
    She is telling me that the Mic level doesn't work.

    The mini has three possible Analog Audio inputs:
    microphone icon

    I am not a sound person but this is causing me delays in set up when I have to receive sound from the sound board.

    I get a mic level feed from the audio board AND I make the MIC LEVEL selection on that channel in the TC.
    The TC is sooo loooowww it doesn't register so basically there is no audio. If I switch it to LINE it works.
    Are we missing something?
    Is this a bug?

    It doesn't matter what input it goes into the LINE level selections the only one that works.

    version tricaster mini sdi 180323

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    Re you sure you're getting mic level from the audio mixing desk ?

    It's not common at all, usually mixers outputs are line level, whatever direct out, aux, bus etc you use.

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    Who's your sound person?

    If you're coming from the board,
    Mic goes into the board, Left and Right channels come from the board into the Tricaster Right and Left, these are line levels.
    Not sure about the Mini, but our T40 has a Left and Right input and a Mic input for the direct input of a mic.
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