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Thread: Several new tutorials out on this week.

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    Several new tutorials out on this week.

    Hi there!
    Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that we have several new tutorials out on
    Here is my latest one
    That's the 3rd one I have done in 3 weeks and there are more on the way. We also have two new free tutorials from Phil Nolan and Dana Burman that we posted earlier the other day that people should check out.

    Even more LightWave 2018 tutorials are in the works. Adam Gibson, Chilton Webb, myself have several on the cooker right now.
    Keep in mind that many of us are working production artists so we push these out as fast as humanly possible. I just finished a couple of VFX jobs and will be doing tutorials on those with LightWave 2018 as well now that my plate is a bit cleaned off.
    There is so much new stuff to cover as well as things that still need to be done concerning training over all, so if you want us to cover a certain subject or area of LightWave 2018 or in general please let us know!

    Drop us a line. support @ or kat

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    Hi, thanks for your tutorials, they look really great, nice to see also some production tutorials.

    it would be cool to see some outdoor tutorials maybe someday , with vegetation surfacing, instancing and rendering outdoor scenes, with focus on rendering, hdri, environment light and so on.

    thx for doing this stuff and supporting lightwave and the community
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    These would be more intermediate level, but how about taming fiberfx? I would love to see examples from people who have had to use this beast in production, on how they managed to get good fur coverage, decent render times, realistic shading, etc.
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