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Thread: Need help setting up mix minus on 2 talkshows on Tricaster advanced 410

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    I had a ProTek replacment VS4000 last year that was tested by support before shipping. It was running the latest 170901 version with Skype TX Control and channels at the latest version. I had a problem with the 170901 release with Logitech C920 cameras not going to a resolution above 360p (eventually resolved by turning off rightlight in the Logitech control software) and I restored it back to the previous release. After that CH3's audio showed up on CH1 and CH3. It would go back to normal if I updated back to 170901 and back to the CH3 on CH1 and CH3 with the previous release. So something in the firmware update wasn't getting initialized or some other firmware issue.

    Received another replacement unit and never had to go back to the older release as engineering figured out the webcam controller settings.

    Just mentioning this experience as the update might have messed up the firmware.

    I'd be happy to talk to you, themovieguy, and see if we can determine where the problem is. You can call me at 425-802-6077

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    Just a quick tip for when you do get the mix-minus dialed-in how you like it - in Audio Mixer, put mouse to far left and you get those little tabs/bins that pop out from left side. Right-click on #1 and EXPORT - that will save a complete snapshot of EVERY CURRENT SETTING in the Audio Mixer. Name and Save accordingly so you know what it is and where it is. And not on C: drive as that can get wiped with RESTORE then it is lost. So maybe you are in a different/new session at a later date and you can just hit IMPORT on the bin and get all those settings right back instantly!! Very slick feature to use.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JPulera View Post
    ... and you get those little tabs/bins that pop out from left side.
    We refer to those a "MEMs", just for the record.
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    I'd double-check your hardware output settings. If you had to create a new session after an update, it might be easy to overlook that you need to reset MIX 2 to use AUX 1 as the audio source. Then you can use MIX 2 as your return source. If you haven't changed that output setting, you are going to send program "MASTER" audio out on all the MIX options, no matter what you've done to the AUX audio routing.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MixOutputSettings.jpg 
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    Be sure you've changed MIX 2 Audio from Master to AUX 1.

    Then change your return to MIX 2.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ChangetoMIX2.jpg 
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    Then you should be good to go if the individual TalkShow inputs are routed properly.

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