Anyone else using Octane on a render manager setup? ie. BNR or other?

Apparently there are some issues getting all the new toys talking together or maybe a bug that can be fixed.

Using Octane with LWSN.exe over the network requires us to setup RENDER PASSES in Octane now in 2018. F10 saves files just fine but LWSN does not. So we are left with setting up Render Passes in Octane, trying to make those same adjustments in the Render Globals/Output dialog for LW native, but they can't quite now when we pull the final scene into BNR the naming convention it's looking for has to be manually adjusted so that when the file does now get saved it sees it in the right format/name and can move on!

Real shoulder! lol.

I've reached out to Paul with BNR and Jaun with Octane, but surly I'm just missing something. anyone else using this combination to produce?