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Thread: Connect Spark Blocked on public network

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    Connect Spark Blocked on public network

    Hi there. I recently tried to use a Connect Spark at a conference venue on their public WiFi system. Using NDI Studio monitor I was unable to see the output from the Spark. Talking to the IT manager at the site he told me their Public WiFi was set to block any device interconnectivity on the network for security reasons. I guess this makes sense and is probably the case in many institutional networks. I am returning to the venue next week and have been told that the techs will try and help me by allowing the NDI signal to pass between devices. Can anyone please tell me what this might entail? I do not know how NDI is managed over a network. Has anyone had any similar problems? Hopefully I can get this to work as it was great in our office and will be an excellent tool on location for bringing in mobile camera sources to the event. Many thanks Phil.

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    The performance over Public WiFi could be very questionable at best...any chance you can run your own network cable from Spark to TriCaster perhaps? The stuff is cheap. While you might get the WiFi working in testing in an empty room, you will likely find that with a roomful of people absorbing/blocking the signals, and all the interference from all their WiFi devices...not something I'd want to rely on.

    Check out this video about Spark Connect and WiFi -


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