Hi, im doing live mix with a dedicated mixing desk and serving the program to a tc-1 analog in (1/2). The audio program is then used for the broadcast output along with what the video engineer is doing. All audio signals come thru my desk, and therefor are included in the main program out of the tc-1.

We have been observing audio program interrupts on the tc-1 outputs. These artifacts are not present on the input (my mix outs). In my experience it almost sounds like a clocking issue (sample rate mismatch) in the audio world. Not being the video system installer or operator Im at a disadvantage in trouble shooting the system. But since it's an audio issue I am helping to diagnose the issue and come up with some solutions.

Test: Using a sine tone of 400hz from the audio desk, feeding it to IN 1/2 of tc-1, short interrupts of 40ms (estimated) spaces and artifacts are heard. I can get a recording if it would help.

Q: have any of you using the tc-1 system have had odd artifacts in the audio program output?

If you require additional information dont hesitate to ask.

thank you for all your help, certainly appreciated.
Brad P