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Thread: Video out issues

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    Video out issues

    I am running a long HDMI out, 75 ft, to a video splitter up in our balcony control room. When I attach it to one of the front OUTS on the MINI HD, Windows does not even detect it. When I put in it the back display OUT, WINDOWS sees and identifys it. While in windows, all the monitors work fine. When I got into Tricaster, they flash, but I do get the video feed on the sanctuary screens, but they flash. Ive updated my graphics drivers per supports request. Any ideas?

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    Long HDMI runs are a prescription for pain and suffering. I put a Kramer PT-571 transmitter on the front end and a PT-572 receiver at the other end with approved spec ethernet in between. Just a couple of short HDMI cables to complete the connection.

    No time spent fixing it. It just works. It even powers the receiver over the CAT6.
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    Not sure what you mean by Windows "detecting" the HDMI connection. The front HDMI in and out ports are part of a custom I/O board that interfaces with the TriCaster software - Windows won't see connections there like it would if you connected to the display card connections at the rear.

    If you can please share the intended workflow, maybe there is an easier solution, perhaps using NDI for instance over the network?

    Otherwise yes I agree with Paris that there are better long-distance cabling solutions than HDMI.

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