Hi together,

I want to start a thread, in which we, the users, can spread things that we found out. I hope this will reduce the "search time" in the docs of the python lwsdk. I want to encourage all interested users to write things they found out.

Yes many things tht I will Show in the example can be made better or eleganter (for shure). But this can be used as a hint on how this can be used. I am shure that not only python experts want to write python scripts. And I found it hard to find Information related to "how to use" the lwsdk, even for the simplest things I searched realy hard.

The attached zip should be installed as follows:
The one and only folder in the zip should be moved to any Folder in which python scripts are searched for. On my machine I used:

In this Folder, there is another Folder (which will hold a library) and the nuArches.py which is the runable script.

I hope this will aid some users in doing the first steps with python. And I hope also, that this thread will be extendet by others with useful hints.