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Thread: NDI 3.5 questions

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    NDI 3.5 questions

    Just got the announcement for NDI 3.5 .... looks great but have some questions:

    Given what's in the note, it seems like various aspects of NDI tools are now integrating other components. For example, there at multiple references to using "webcams". Does this mean that NDI Transmit is no longer needed?

    Do we need a specific update level of the TriCaster software to utilize the new NDI features? I've held off updating our system because of some of the audio issues that were in a release recently.

    I'm sure that more questions will be forthcoming soon. Perhaps this is the thread to put all the Q & A?


    Fritz Golman
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    The NDI Tools 3.5 will be backwards compatible with previous version so you won't need everything upgraded to be able to use it. However, some features like unicast UDP support would require that both systems be running NDI 3.5 on both ends, but if that isn't the case it will drop back to previous methods of communication.
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