Often when I start any kind of project, LW, Photoshop, AE ---before I start working I'll save the file because 1) historical reasons, 2) after that, I can just stay in the zone.

LWM does not let you save a complete blank LWO. ::sigh:: Why not?

I find this irritating-- if an empty file cannot be saved, the SAVE AS option shouldn't even exist, it should be greyed out. INSTEAD, the code allows you to select SAVE AS, enter a filename (!!!), and THEN informs you that:

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So, now you've wasted your time trying to do something that isn't even allowed.


BETTER would be:
1) invoking SAVE AS doesn't even get you to the file naming dialog, it IMMEDIATELY alerts you, so at least you don't waste any more time. Extra points if the alert auto-dismisses. (Easiest to code.)

2) Saving empty LWOs was made possible. There're at least two ways to do this:
  • Alter Layout so it accepts purely empty LWO's, regarding them as nulls. WHY would you do this? Possibly as a placeholder object.
  • Alter Modeler such that it adds a one-point poly with a completely non-rendering Surface when the user attempts to save an empty object. This geometry would be internally tagged and deleted once 'actual' geometry is generated by the user.