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Thread: Current Avid Artistmix driver for advanced edition

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    Current Avid Artistmix driver for advanced edition

    Hello. Can someone please advise me of which Avid Artist Driver I should download to run on the latest version of Advanced Edition on my TC8000? Many thanks

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    I have the same question. Is the Avid Artist Mix still supported? It took me 2 years to get funding approved for it, now it doesn't work.

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    I just uploaded the new edition of AE, and have the same problem. Kane--if you're reading this, I know you're a guy who can help us.

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    Let me start with the Artist Mix drivers are a pain to deal with!

    Use EuCon driver version 3.6.1

    I noticed on my TC Mini (5-1-180323), that everything needs to be started in a certain manner to have it work.

    First install the EuCon drivers, then reboot the TriCaster. Then I had to do the following on startup.

    1. Make sure Avid Artist Mix is OFF when you startup the TriCaster.
    2. Once you get to the TriCaster Home screen, stop the countdown.
    3. Turn ON the Avid Artist Mix. (Or power cycle the Artist Mix if it wasn't off already).
    4. Wait a few seconds for the Avid Artist Mix to power up and the LED displays to change to rectangles (it should not display the Avid logo).
    5. Once the LED have changed, start the session in TriCaster.

    You will know if things are good when the LED displays on the Artist Mix show 'Audio 1, Audio 2...' when the session is loading.

    Let me know if this gets it working for you. In a worse case you might have to exit into Windows, open the EuControl application and makes sure the Artist Mix is showing up in the Surfaces tab.

    For people looking at something like the Avid Artist Mix, here is another similar product that can work with TriCaster. I've not personally used it, but based on Skaarhoj's other products I expect that it works well.
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    I had some success with Artist Mix by using Windows scheduler : I did set Eucon to start once ( and not before) the networks connections are on ( you can set it as a condition to start an app. in the scheduler) , and then I start the TC software manually.

    Nearly everytime, the Artist connects correctly with the tricaster software.


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    Everything worked as you advised, Kane
    However, I had to restore my system again for a reload of AE2, & customer support recommended I use:
    Eucontrol driver version
    Firmware version:

    Would you recommend this, or should I stick to version 3.6.1?

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    I think that version will work okay as well. When I finally found the steps, I had version 3.6.1 installed and i just kept with with it.
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