OK, watching RR's tour:

One thing I noticed was in the SURFACE PRESETS, there's still a confirmation dialog for replacing the current Surface with the preset being clicked.

OK, I understand that newbies might want such training wheels, but I think many MANY users would prefer to have the option (who doesn't want options???) to turn such training wheel features off.

I suggest (and I guess I'll have to go thru the official song and dance to formally "Request" it) is that the option to NOT have a dialog exist, AND that instead a fading "Alert" or "Advisory" dialog appear, that fades in 1 second (1000 milliseconds!) that notifies the user that s/he* has replaced their Surface.

Obviously, an UNDO would be a very good thing here, but at least the app has notified the user that they've loaded a new Surface, WITHOUT making them jump thru the "OK?" hoop, which I for one find incredibly irritating.

Thoughts? This should be extremely Low Hanging Fruit, but it'd be nice to get it implemented in a way everybody can be on-board with.

*who am I kidding?