Is LScript farther on the list of the developers to fix Problems, or is it completely deleted from the Focus of the developers?

The reason why I ask is the extensiv push on python.

I don't like python, what is no secret. The reason why I don't like it is the extremely write intensive art. I don't want to write novellas to get a script running. This only cost me working time.

I know, that python is widely spread and many applications use this language.
BUT: The lightwave gods had implemented a language which can used very well.

Please LW-Gods give the users the possibility to reach every command of lightwave via LScript.
I know that you can reach more in python, but only because it is implemented. Why is not all implemented in LScript?

Now my question again.
Does it make sense to use the Feedback Agent on LScript bugs or whishes? Or is this with no Chance because the developers don't lay Hands on LScript anymore?

Maybe a LW God can give a short answer to this.

I am also interested in Hearing from others how they think about this.