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Thread: nuArchitect bundle V4 released

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    nuArchitect bundle V4 released

    Hi together,

    the release V4.0 of the nuArchitect bundle is now released. It is as so as the old nuArchitect bundle released as donationware. You will find the license in the
    You do not have to donate, to use this scripts, but it would be fine and would Support me in creating more of that stuff. If you want to donate, please do this via PayPal to [email protected]

    The files from the file should be placed in your LW-Pluginpath
    Than create a Folder (no matter where, no matter how you Name it) Lets say "nuSoft".
    Create a subfolder of this Folder and Name it "Help"
    In this "Help" Folder create 3 Folders and Name them "css", "img" and "js"
    All Files from (there is only 1) should be placed in the Folder "css"
    All files from (there is only 1) should be placed in the Folder "js"
    All files from the files - should be placed in the Folder "img"
    All files from the should be placed in the Folder "Help"
    All files from should be placed in the "nuSoft" Folder (the first Folder you have created)

    Restart Modeler
    Start any of the geometry creating script and Change to the "preferences" tab
    Define the path you want nuArchitect to use
    Define the Surface attributes you want nuArchitect to use at cretion
    Click "Store"

    Now you are done.

    More Information on installing this bŁndle can be fount in the older threads of nuArchitect bŁndle.

    A word to the scripts:
    nuArches is to create arches
    nuArchStones is to create arches build of single Stones
    nuBridgeStones is to create bridges made of single Stones
    nuCathCei is to create cathedral like ceilings
    nuCirclePlan is to create Stone circles (like old fountains)
    nuColumns is to create columns with many Options
    nuDoors is to create doors with hinges, handles, peepholes and peepholedoors
    nuFences is to create fences
    nuFloors is to create floors
    nuGates is to create gates
    nuGothBlk is to create blocks in gothic style to use them als parts of a wall
    nuGothXPass is to create gothic X-passes
    nuGroundPlan is to create Stone pathes that can act as a ground plan
    nuOrnaments is to create ornaments
    nuPedestals is to create pedestals
    nuPlaque is to create Plaques
    nuRoofGable is to create Roof gables made of single Stones
    nuRopePath is to create hanging ropes and chains
    nuRopes is to create ropes and chains that follow a given path
    nuRota is to create rotational objects
    nuSockets is to create sockets like for a Memorial
    nuStairStones is to create stairs made of single Stones
    nuTombstone is to create tombstones
    nuWalls is to create walls
    nuWallStones is to create walls made of single Stones with arches, Windows and passes
    nuWinsGoth is to create Windows Roman and gothic
    nuWinsStd is to create Standard Windows

    NameRequest is used by some scripts to request for a Name
    YesNoRequest is used by some scripts to request yes/no answers
    nuDefaultColor can be used to Change the Default Surface with 1 click (if you bind it to a button or menu) to that, define in nuArchitect
    nuUV2TGA is to store a UV-Map as TGA file (the UV-Map must be in the foreground layer(s) to work correct) to do so, select the UV-Map you want to store and enter the path you want it to be stored

    nuSoftLib acts as a function library and is used from nearly every nuArchitect script

    If you using the old Version, you should remove this old Version or you can overwrite the old Versions of the scripts.
    There are no new names to the scripts, so they will collide.

    I hope you enjoy
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    hi karl, thank you for this update - very appreciated! is it 2018 compatible? i will for sure send you a donation if i will ever use it for a commercial project!
    3dworks visual computing
    demo reel on vimeo

    OSX 10.12.x, macpro 5.1, nvidia gtx 980 ti, LW2015.x / 2018.x, octane 3.x

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    Hi Markus,

    yes, all scripts running well on 2018. The issues on some scripts in the older Version were fixed. The things which made Problems (boolean and axisdrill/soliddrill) were fixed from the LW gods too in the 2018.0.2 release. 2018 is one of the reasons why I did work on every script. The not so lucky choose of the dark Default Surface material with this megabrillant reflection did inspire me to implement the part on the preferences tab on every part of the bŁndle. You will even notice, that the geometry creating scripts are ca 60KB smaller each. This is because many of the work is now in the nuSoftLib and not in every script embeded.


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    Thanks a lot for sharing these scripts. As said 3dworks, be sure I will send you a donation if any of these will ever be used in one of my projects. | 3D Animation, Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design.

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    I am very interested in this, and sadly, this is the first time that I paid attention in the forum to this posting.
    I am always happy to donate to Open Source development, when I find something useful. This qualifies, however, I did some research and can't find your website or how to donate. It should be included in the bottom of your postings, this may account for the lack of feedback/donations.
    Besides that, I got a little bit confused on the installation, got everything in folders, but could not locate the . . . went back in, Scanned the Plugins, then added them all to a Menu. Now I see the Preferences that you were referencing.
    So, where to I put my money, because this was a lot of valuable work. I will try to say something else, after I play around with it.
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    Hi paulhart,

    you are right, the Installation is a bit confusing. I will try to Change this in the future. I think about a small piece of Software for this Job.

    If you want to donate, so please do this via PayPal to [email protected]
    You can click on one of the 2 logos in any of the geometry generating scripts requester, there you will find this Information too.

    On my Website you do not find any Information about These scripts. This will maybe Change in the future. The web can be found at but as sayed, there is no Information about nuArchitect and the website is in german language.



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