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Thread: Lightwave 2018 Node Editor - How do I achieve these effects with this beast!?!

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    Let me try again.

    1. Scene On rendered and the settings
    2. Scene Portal OFF rendered and the settings
    3. Scene OFF rendered with my attempt to change the sttings to the On scene settings. And the resulting black render.
    I know I am being very very very dense, but What am I not turning on?
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Name:	OFF (but with settings changed to On) .png 
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    I'm unable to reproduce the black render, using the apparently same settings that you have. The render time shown on the black render is very small compared to the others (5 seconds vs. 40 and 53 seconds), so it's almost like GI is getting turned off even though it shows being on. If I turn off GI, or reduce the Area light to 0.1lx, I get a very dark render, but even then I get a bit of light on the floor, defining the shape of the teapots.

    Perhaps unique to the Mac? I'm running Windows 7, LW2018.0.5 (yes, I should upgrade to .6!).

    BTW, if you actually want to use the Gradient Backdrop rather than the basically-white Textured Environment, you need to *disable* the Textured Environment modifier by unchecking the first column. Otherwise it overrides the Gradient Backdrop.

    If you continue to run into problems, you might use Save=>Package Scene to package up the black-render scene, ZIP the resulting folders (I use 7Zip open software) and post it here for analysis.

    Good luck!
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    I had something like that.
    I deleted all Textured Environments -> added one again -> then it worked.

    Maybe something like that on your side as well?

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    That's really weird, I'd probably start from scratch, it looks like a weird anomaly, because the spec is on, but not the diffuse. The only other thing I'd suggest ticking is 'visible to camera' to see if that triggers it, as I've seen that affect caustics?

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