I made some research in the forums, could find some clues, but so far no luck.

I'm trying to find a way to use a mini-PC as a NDI-HDMI or SDI converter, with the help of studio monitor.

- First, I don't have the same version of Studio monitor, from the NDI tools and from the NDI/HX driver, both latest version from Newtek website. IMHO, both should be exactly the same, located in same folder, instead of different folders and application names. Is there any reason for that ? I know that Newtek is not really involved in sharing versioning information, but.....

- Second, I tried a trick to start the program full screen using CLI : Application.Network.StudioMonitor.x64.exe /full_screen . The program is starting correctly, but no way to have it starting full screen. When double-clicking in the window, the program switches to full screen as expected. What do I miss ?

Is there any document who is talking about CLI use with StudioMonitor ?


EDIT : Could find information about json config files use in the SDK documentation. it would be great to find these details easier than with the help of NDI SDK...