We used the Skype TX solutions for 2 years now. The quality before was good and stable. From this summer Microsoft TX changed
from peer to peer to cloud. Since then we have many issues. Who has the same experiences?

What we did so far:
Factory default restore Skype TX unit.
Update intel networkcard driver
Use only the intel LAN port
Installed latest Skype TX controller
And updates from newtek website.

Issues we have:
Drop of picture quality ( coompared with peer to peer)
What is see maxium bandwidth with 1920 x 1080 resolution is 3 mb/sec for video one way.
Change in quality during connection drop of bandwidth blocking !
Now and than freezes in the pictures

We use several locations all with minimum
Download and upload speed from 40 mb/sec.

We tested National ( in the Netherlands 2 units)
And international.

Same problem.

Please other users give feedback.