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Thread: An Add-On like VMix Social

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    An Add-On like VMix Social

    We do a lot of live Q&A streams to support our television series brands whereby someone from our social team moderates viewer questions, sending them to the talent and in program using the Chrome Datalink extension to feed lower thirds. It works but is somewhat clunky and slow.
    Rather than sending a keyed out graphic from VMix Social, which has an amazingly fast and easy to use interface for moderating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube comment text and images via NDI to the Tricaster, a Tricaster Add-On would be awesome. I know there are third party solutions but a live panel kind of GUI that opens in a browser would be perfect.
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    Hi Jeff,

    We developed a solution for our shows where the audience submits comments/questions, a moderator can either answer the viewer directly or send the question (with a suggested answer) directly to the on-air talent. We are currently in development adding some feature and will release it this summer (or sooner).

    PM me if you want more info.

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