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Thread: Keyboard and Naming Clips

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    Keyboard and Naming Clips

    I'm still really new to the 3Play system but this year for spring training we have been using our Tricaster and 3Play system more. The keyboard and mouse and controller are all on a kvm extender and everything is working but the keyboard is not. Also we haven't been able to figure out how to label clips. Looking for help on this.


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    Does the keyboard work if it is connected locally to the system? I've had some KVM extenders that sometimes you need to re-plug the mouse or keyboard after power up to get it to be seen.

    As for labeling clips, there is the manual method and the tagging method.

    For manual labeling, highlight the clip you want to edit, then press the 'Return' key, then type your label.

    Once you a happy with what you want it to say, you can press 'Return' again to enter the label on the highlighted clip of if you press 'Shift+Return' is will put the label on all camera angles.

    For tagging, it is probably better to watch a video on it to understand it better. Video #11 covers tagging.
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