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Thread: DDR Lag

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    DDR Lag

    Looking to see if anyone else has this problem: there have been a few times over the past month that my TC1 will slow down playback in both DDRs. My playback speed stays at 100%, and adjusting this doesn't fix the problem. This effects both the video and audio playout and makes it unusable. I can't figure out how to replicate the issue. The only way I've been able to resolve it is to leave the project and reload it. Obviously, this becomes a huge issue when I'm on air.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    1) ALWAYS use the File > Import Media tool to copy video clips into TriCaster, as this will TRANSCODE clips that need it, to ensure best playback compatibility

    2) UPDATE the TC1 software, as Newtek just posted a brand-new update for TC1 that cures a lot of issues


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