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Thread: Borders that adjust with cropping

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    Borders that adjust with cropping

    The borders are cool, but, for example, when we have a 4:3 PPT over NDI, we will crop the layer in our M/E (not at the input). If we add a border, the border seems to ignore the cropping.
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    i strongly support this feature.
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    Second. There have been lots of times I've needed to crop something - say, a double or triple box for a multi-person skype session - that hasn't worked with the border templates. Sure, I could build them in Photoshop or whatever, but we don't usually have that kind of preproduction time.

    The issue I see here is one of scaling, though. If we crop a window down to 25% width, when the border scales, the vertical elements will be much narrower than the horizontal elements. Scaleable borders would have to be made up of separate horizontal and vertical elements and the scaling would have to be smart enough to know how to squash them so they still look right.
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    I understand the desire, but I've been told that the borders feature as implemented basically works the way it works. This being so, for most if not all of the cases mentioned the solution is really to create your own custom border to suit your specific requirements. (Generally, the aspect of the required border could be predicted with fair accuracy, and these could be prepared in advance. As a practical point, in a pinch I think often a little extra cropping could often be tolerated.)
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