I've been using TriCaster AE for a few months now, and I have had problems getting YouTube streaming working with the new streaming plugins found in Advanced Edition. (I have been able to do it through the "Legacy" Flash method, but I knew there was a better way.) I finally pieced everything together, the key piece being a software update suggested on this thread: http://forums.newtek.com/showthread....e-Live-Failure

For the sake of others that might be searching for this same information (even a live chat with Tech Support resulted in a "we'll get back to you"), I thought I'd post what I have found out and what works here. Also, if there is something I am not doing correctly, I'd appreciate anyone in the know chiming in.

1. Update the Intel Graphics 4600 driver manually. This different from the GeForce driver that the TriCaster tells you to update. You need to download the driver update for Windows 8.1 x64 and run it.
2. Setup your events on YouTube. The Ingestion Settings I used was a Reusable Stream Key (make one for your use, I made mine 1080p, but I imagine you can do 720p. You'll want to do whatever your TriCaster Session is going to be streaming in).
3. Select your encoder in YouTube Ingestion Settings to "Other Encoders"
4. Start a TriCaster session (match the resolution to the YouTube Ingestions settings - I assume, I didn't try to stream to a mismatched session).
5. Select YouTube in the Streaming options in your TriCaster Session. The first time you will have to log in to your account and authorize the TriCaster to connect. Then whatever events you have scheduled will appear in the drop down.
6. Click Streaming in the TriCaster session so it is blue.
7. Visit your YouTube event's Live Control Room to preview the event and then start streaming. This is possible to do through the Browser available on the TC in the Stream options menu, but it is probably more practical to do this on a separate computer.

I hope that helps someone else, and if anyone knows of something I missed or am misleading people on, please let me know!