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Thread: edge rounding

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    Quote Originally Posted by gar26lw View Post
    whatever. there’s a lw blog right? we had awesome youtube vids and explanations right at the time of 2018. it would just be great to hear and read about their endeavors. i thought that was the new approach with the departing of rob and a fresh start.
    That was the official outlet yes, but devs speaking freely on the forums never happened.

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    If Chuck says he's on it..... he's on it

    it's a complex thing making CGI apps, sounds like

    a oversight that Chuck will track down...(wait & see)

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    Status update, Chuck???

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    Sounds like some recently departed staff dropped the ball there and it's festerd into this. It wouldn't be the first, but the important thing here is that there are a lot of moving parts and to bring it up is better than for t to disappear. So bring it up. It's never too late, but you never be to early either.
    Miscommunication are a huge problem in any organization, big or small. That's why transparency and community member involvement in the process is so important. Transparency as much can be afforded, understanding that this is a commercial, close source product that competes in a very aggressive (hostile af) space that's encountering industry wide shifts with greater intensity and more frequency each time. Community involvement so as to provide stability, guidance, support, off the wall ideas, as well as energy need to ride those waves rather than drown.
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    And can someone please fix the forums? Any time i post here I get ghosted text as I type in something.
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    I hope Chuck will have some good news for us later.
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    I personally think it's a miscommunication, and as Kat says, possibly someone dropped the ball... hopefully Chuck and the others can pick it up and smooth out any communication problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djlithium View Post
    And can someone please fix the forums? Any time i post here I get ghosted text as I type in something.
    This may be due to a CSS file that didn't update locally in cache or a browser extension. Try another browser to test.
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    Soo.. What date can we expect? Some time in 2020?

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    Yeah... any news on the edge shader would be much appreciated. Antti / Matt / Chuck ?
    In arch-viz it's one of my most widely used shaders as you can do so much more with it in various places and contexts.

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    An absolute must, such shader!

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    I'm very interested in this, too. I was really disappointed when I upgraded and found that the DPKit node doesn't work in 2018. LW, please offer some solution!

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    wonder why this was so delayed...
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    It's not delayed. Newtek never did a 'shader pack' - this will be part of a major release, as with all new features, so there'll either be a 2018.5 or similar, or the next iteration.

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    we have to pay again for an edge shader, which imho is a basic requirement.just sayin

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