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I'm having trouble getting the titler app install to launch (/embarassed). When I run it no install link pops up. I'm using a TC1. Any advice?

EDIT: Windows 10 was blocking the install from launching. I had to go into the .exe file's properties and check a box that said UNBLOCK.
Also, there can be two things on TC1 or VMC1 systems that might prevent the app from opening thru a web browser.

First, if you have Skype TX channels active on any input, you will need to redirect the URL to port 5952. You can do this by adding ':5952' right after the machine name or IP address. For example.

Second, the latest software on TC1/VMC1 systems can have a password on the web server. If I recall the username/password is admin/admin (or maybe 'password' for the password). The password can be set in the 'Set LivePanel Password' in the Administration Tools, you can also disable the password. This doesn't mean you need LivePanel to make the app work, but it is using the same API that LivePanel uses to operate.