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Thread: Sports Graphics Suggestions

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    Sports Graphics Suggestions

    We're currently running Livetext with LTScoreboards, and I'm looking for any and all suggestions of different, more powerful graphics solutions that people are using to cover sporting events. I'm aware of many, but I'd appreciate hearing what people use and how they're liking it. The primary function for us is a (venue data driven) scoreboard, but we'd also like to start doing more lower thirds and other informational graphics (our teams do not use Statcrew or any stats software to pull data from, but we use Daktronics and OES scoreboard data for the clock and score).

    I'd appreciate any suggestions in all price ranges!
    Gabe Thomas

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    I have seen a number of people use which supports NDI and has a lot of cool features to get you into animated scoreboards and such. There is a nice touch interface too which presents easy to use buttons on and off style so you can quickly train an operator in the field. I havent given this a go yet because the sports I deal with are all in a conference which use Sportzcast. They have boxes that plug into Daktronics/Nevco etc and then send the data along. I use two of their apps, one LiveXML that generates an xml file I can use with datalink which allows me to pulls any of the score, fouls etc to use in highlight titles etc and then the CG software to that renders out a scoreboard and shares it via NDI or a PNG file it constantly updates.

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    Here is a huge question you will want to answer before suggestions. Are you looking for ready made templates where you can simply edit information such as logos, colors, team names, and info?

    If you are looking for someone that provides both the software and a pre built graphics solution that will narrow down your search a little. Also note that not all providers have the ability to control certain aspects from your Tricaster.

    This may not seem important but trust me its really nice to be able to fire off a score bug, or box score whenever you need it. Especially if you are running a lot of lower thirds. Timing then becomes and issues and its gets annoying to always have to have your graphics op clear one graphic before you cut your shots. A macro fixes all that for you.

    Common providers for Tricaster users are:

    Character Works
    Graphics Outfitters
    New Blue
    Caspar CG
    Suite CG

    All have their advantages and disadvantages. I would suggest one that provides NDI output though. Makes things a lot easier.

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    I echo what Pat suggested and said. I will also add a little more.

    Something else to consider is your final destination. Are you sending to TV or ESPN3?? They might have certain graphics guidelines you need to follow.
    For instance ESPN will request either Ross Expression or VIZRT for graphics so they can just push you the graphics package templates.
    There is still quite a few places that demand Chryon platform too.

    So I would add to your search the following :

    Ross Expression -- Laptop version is rather affordable. Price can shoot up as you add more features.
    vizrt NVG1 -
    Chyron IP - an affordable legendary Chyron - Plenty of freelancers to help you build graphics.

    Character Works -- Cost effective and data driven with a small learning curve. Most flexible platform I have found to be able to pull in data from multiple sources including social media platforms
    Graphics Outfitters -- Great user interface but graphics are more fixed and less flexible. Depending on how many sports you need it for can
    New Blue -- rather new to the fold, getting better all the while.
    Caspar CG -- really hard learning curve to get it working.
    Suite CG -- Great developer, great feature set. Shows lots of promise. Great for integrating with Statcrew and similar.
    Jef Kethley

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    That's a really great follow up by Jef!

    If by any chance you do have even future plans to broadcast on ESPN3 you have to use one of the Viz or Ross platforms. Currently (and apparently going forward) the only two platforms they now build packages for. Some companies may tell you otherwise but its simply not true at this point.

    For me personally here is my wish list:

    Supports NDI
    Dual channel
    Includes at least one full ready made graphics package but multiple looks a bonus
    Must include all the basic types of graphics. Bugs, boxes, lowers, full screens
    Must be able to support data linked sources and clock
    Must be able to convert data from Excel
    Must be able to link not only written info but logos, headshots and team colors
    Must be able to control at least basic aspects from the Tricaster's TD
    Must include a basic usable backup clock/score control panel

    Stat crew integration a plus

    For me I really need a solution that is ready to go out the box. I work freelance and dont have time to try to build scenes. I really need a solution that offers all the basic classic style graphics but is flexible enough to customize them on the fly.

    One more thing I thought of and Jef touched on this a bit. Some companies only sell you in different ways. Some by the sport, some by a time subscription, some by the software only and you have to create your own. Some are even free or really cheap but dont offer much support after that. Its not the same

    I hope this helps! I am curious to know who you do decide on and why?
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    SuiteCG has been a long-in-development but soon-to-be-released product. I have high hopes for the direction of it, but initial release will have a lot going for it while also have a lot not yet implemented. We will have some nice NDI graphics packages. We should be releasing soon for baseball, and will be adding more sports quickly thereafter. Visit for some videos and updates.

    It's older brothers, CGStatLink football and baseball/softball, have StatCrew automation features. In time, SuiteCG will include those automation features but we're focusing on a solid manual control experience first and then adding the automation pieces.
    Zach Schuster
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