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Thread: Nasty Layout UI bug in both LW2015.3 and LW2018.0.01

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    Nasty Layout UI bug in both LW2015.3 and LW2018.0.01

    Hi there,

    I've just reported a very nasty UI bug in Layout, which is present in both LW2015.3 and LW2018.0.01 and it could potentially cause you to loose a lot of work.

    This bug may have been reported before, but since it is STILL there, I thought it best to flag it up to the community.

    Basically, Layout doesn't recognise that changes have been made to a scene if the ONLY changes you have made were modifying parameters using the Graph Editor (e.g. changing the envelope of a light's intensity or the animated position/rotation of an object).

    So, for example, you are working on a dual monitor setup and have been doing lots of changes using only the Graph Editor and then decided to switch over to Modeler to create a new object. You momentarily get distracted and mistakenly think you have already switched window focus to Modeler (and, incidentally, there's not that much visual feedback as to which application has focus) and then you hit the shift-n key combination to create a new model. You will instead have unwittingly instructed Layout to create a new scene and in doing so lost all previous work you have been doing in the Graph Editor!

    Another similar, and probably more common, situation will arise when you have again been working exclusively in the Graph Editor and then (unthinkingly) choose to quit Layout or clear the scene - Layout will NOT prompt you to save the scene and you will instantly loose all that work.

    Both these scenarios have happened to me a few times over the years and I just couldn't understand why I was inexplicably loosing work. But I have now managed to isolate the problem to this exclusive use of the Graph Editor.

    However, be warned that there may be other instances where Layout doesn't recognise that something has changed in a scene, so be vigilant!

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    EDIT: You right. Graph Editor modifications are not recognised as Layout changes.
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