Is there an option to specify an audio delay (Preferably in milliseconds) to the audio input on the spark? If not, could that be looked into as a feature request for a future update?

Context: I have two connect spark devices in different locations on our campus. Each one is in a different live venue connected to the mixing console for that space as well as a camera providing an overview of the stage. Audio is connected to the analog input on the spark itself. The issue I run into there is that the HDMI video is out of sync with the audio by about 3 frames due to the latency of the camera's HDMI output.

Currently I am able to add a delay in the mixer to compensate, but I can foresee a time where I will need to use the devices and won't have the luxury of a mixer or other 3rd Party device that can provide that audio delay.

Also before anyone suggests I use the audio inputs on the camera to embed the audio into the HDMI signal... I know that can be a potential solution to my problem here, but I'd rather discuss the analog input on the Spark as embedding audio into HDMI may not always be a viable solution.

I'm hoping a solution may also exist in the new firmware, as I don't currently see any obvious means of delaying audio.