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Thread: Bug in 2018?

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    Bug in 2018?

    Hello everybody,

    I try to describe an issue that I have running in.

    I describe what I have done:

    created a cylinder circle x-z, length y
    pressed F2 to center it
    copyed the cylinder
    selected a new layer
    pasted the cylinder
    rotated it by 90 degrees on the z axis
    selected the layer of the first cylinder as foreground
    selected the layer of the rotated cylinder as background
    done a boolean (UNIFORM) the first issue is that the boolean operation did not work as propper as in 2015
    selected the 4 disc-faces and deleted them
    selected all points that are below the z middle of the boolean object in the x-z view
    deleted them
    did a flip of all faces
    than I tried to move around the so created object and suddenly there appeared some strange faces, this faces appear on a move of the object an from thereon they are constant they are best viewed in a perspevtive view

    I hope my description is understandable.

    My question noww is:
    Is this a bug, or did I something wrong. If I did something wrong, than please give me a hint on what I did wrong.

    Maybe this thread is wrong placed here... sorry for that.

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